Jim Anderton is the Minister for Economic, Industry and Regional Development, Associate Minister of Health and the leader of the Progressives, the minority coalition partner in the Labour Progressive Government. Jim Anderton was the Deputy Prime Minister in the previous term of Parliament; November 1999 - July 2002. The Ministry of Economic Development and Industry New Zealand were created as a condition of the previous Coalition Government, reflecting Jim Anderton's commitment to full employment. Jim Anderton and the Progressives are committed to full employment free health, free education, fair trade, and having strong infrastructure. Jim Anderton's interest in economic development has come from his personal commitment to helping all New Zealanders reach their full potential, and supporting New Zealand communities to control their own economic destiny. Prior to entering Parliament, Jim Anderton was, for 13 years, Chief Executive of Anderton Holdings Limited, a manufacturing engineering company.


Geoff Bennett is an electrical engineer who originally qualified and worked in New Zealand in the meat processing industry with AFFCO before spending 16 years in the United Kingdom where he established and managed a successful Facilities Management Company. This period in the UK involved significant exposure working within the healthcare industry (NHS), where he was introduced for the first time to the concept of benchmarking, albeit in the context of medical outcomes and ways to streamline medical procedures. He was instrumental in broadening this concept into the facilities management field as a means of managing a number of performance contracts.
On his return to his native New Zealand in 1998, he joined a Building Services Consultancy before leaving to establish Energy and Technical Services in 2000. In October of that year Geoff outlined the concept for an energy and utility benchmarking database now known as e-Bench™, which was first commercially available in February 2003 and is now in use by the majority of universities in New Zealand as well as other high profile clients such as Parliamentary Services.


Dr Ian Brooks has written 13 books on business management and customer care. Many have been best-sellers. A total of over 65,000 copies have been sold in New Zealand alone. This makes Ian the most published author on business management in New Zealand's history. His books are sold in North America, Great Britain and South Africa. Two of his books have been translated into the Brazilian language.
Ian is one of New Zealand's foremost business advisers. For over 25 years, he has consulted to organisations in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the South Pacific helping them to survive and grow in this crowded and competitive market place. Ian's clients have included large corporations, such as CSR, PPG Industries, Tyco Healthcare, Brumby's Bakeries, Genesis Energy, Clydesdale Bank, Air New Zealand, Telecom, WestpacTrust, Carter Holt Harvey and Fletcher Challenge, and many small and medium-sized businesses. lan also has experience in the public sector, having consulted to Canada Customs, and a large number of local bodies including the Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch and Hamilton City Councils. lan is recognised for his expertise in customer care, pricing, people management, quality management, and business strategy.


Darryl Bubner is the Chief Executive of Wave Global Pty Ltd (www.waveglobal.com) and the designer of WAVE innovation metrics and assessments. WAVE is used to assess, rank and strengthen the innovativeness of companies, government agencies and R&D agencies. It is used in Germany, the UK, Lithuania, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Before establishing Wave Global in 1997, Darryl worked as a consultant in the areas of corporate strategy, survey research, corporate performance measurement and quality.
In the 1970's and 1980's Darryl worked in regional economic planning and development, management training and development and as a change management consultant in the Department of Human Services, Victoria. He also spent four years at Monash University Business School, where he lectured in management, entrepreneurship and innovation.
Darryl has a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Politics and Drama from Finders University (SA) a Postgraduate Diploma of Data Collection and Analysis (RMIT University, Victoria), a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Service Planning (Queensland University) and a Masters of Business Administration (RMIT University). He is a trained and certified quality auditor and has delivered many conferences, papers and talks on the subject of innovation and commercialisation.


Uniquely skilled, Catherine Calarco has nearly 20 years experience in general management, sales and marketing, science and software product development, change management and innovation for companies within the USA, Asia Pacific and New Zealand.
Her successes are many and varied. Early in her career she created and sold the IP for a unique disposable gel electrophoresis apparatus to multinational corporation Amersham - a substantial achievement at the time. Responsible for establishing the Polymer Advisory Council in the USA (representing some of the most powerful chemical companies in the world), since moving to New Zealand she has sat on the Board of Directors for the Institute of International Research, co-chaired the E-Commerce Action Team, was a member of the ICT Taskforce and is in demand as both a judge and conference speaker. A recognised lecturer she has also presented papers at APEC Workshops and universities around the Pacific.
Recent career highlights include, in 2000, establishing Onezone, a division of Biolab NZ Ltd, to create a NZ digital marketplace dedicated to providing online supply chain management to the health industry. Prior to this she was General Manager of Biolab New Zealand Ltd for five years and has worked as a consultant within the technology sector. A qualified PADI dive instructor her c.v. includes three years managing dive resorts in the Fijiian and Caribbean Islands.
Very much a "woman with a mission", as Executive Director, Catherine Calarco is both the Project Team leader and spokesperson for the HiGrowth Project. As such, she will be instrumental in both assisting companies to achieve the 100100 goal and in New Zealand realising its potential as a world leader in Information, Communication and Technology.


Dr Robert Camp, the conference keynote speaker and facilitator of the workshop, is a renowned authority on benchmarking. He has published 3 books (including the first ever Benchmarking Book in 1989) and numerous articles. His benchmarking approach and methodology are used worldwide through software courseware, videos, and via the internet. Dr Camp created the successful benchmarking programme for Xerox’s Logistics & Distribution business unit, which was subsequently expanded to all of Xerox’s customer operations units. He has presented on the benchmarking experience at Xerox around the world, helped to establish the International Benchmarking Clearing House, and is currently the Chair of the Global Benchmarking Network.

    Paul Cherrett, from British Telecom, is another presenter with considerable expertise in performance improvement through benchmarking. He has been leading and managing British Telecom’s benchmarking projects for over 10 years, and as such has learnt from the best practices of hundreds of organizations from all around the world. He is one the founders of the UK Benchmarking Institute and as part of this role he has developed strong relationships with other benchmarking associations and experts including the High Tech Benchmarking Forum in the US.

    John Clements has been involved in performance improvement for more than 15 years, having initiated a Total Quality Management programme for an organisation of 12 000 employees. This evolved and grew into a manufacturing strategy known as Total Productive Manufacturing and then into a lean enterprise strategy. Currently he is a director of Continuous Business Improvement, a consultancy that focuses on an integrated approach to creating high performance organizations including leadership, strategy, strategy deployment and then measurement and control. He has worked in large-scale organization change and performance improvement projects and has seen both success and projects that have not achieved their targets. He has had a particular interest in what has made the difference and has used the 20 Keys to Work Place Improvement benchmarking process to determine organization capability in a number of local and international settings. He initially applied the process to an international organization with 14 sites and over 10 000 employees in the pulp and paper industry. Since then he has overseen the implementation of the 20 Keys programme in New Zealand and within the Asia Pacific region. Carter Holt Harvey won a Human Resource Institute Award as a result of successfully implementing 9000 suggestions in one year and saving nearly $900 000. He is currently overseeing implementations in New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. He also consults in leadership and supervisory development, managing performance, change management and coaching. He holds an MBA and has a background in human resources management. He is a shareholder and director of Continuous Business Improvement Limited (NZ) and CBI Pty Ltd - the license holder for 20 Keys in Australia.

    Bruce Graham has been employed by Degussa Peroxide since 1998 and has held various production, safety, quality and environmental roles during that time.
Since 2000 he has lead the Morrinsville sites Business Excellence based improvement program, this has included entering local and national Business Excellence award programs, culminating in Degussa Peroxide achieving a New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation silver level award in 2003.
Other interests include: Family, tramping/camping and DIY projects.

      Mike Graham has over 20 years experience in the IT industry, both in New Zealand and United Kingdom, after starting work as an Analyst/Programmer with one of the major NZ banks.
While living in London for eight years Mike worked for two different software vendors, both in the Business Intelligence (BI) market, and assisted a number of large organizations including Unilever, Glaxo, Allergan, and Marks & Spencer to implement Management Planning and Reporting solutions.
After returning to NZ in 1994, he has continued to work in the BI market, and has worked with CDP Cognos since 1997.

    Peter Howes is the Founder and Principal of HRM Consulting, a 60+ person boutique consulting firm specialising in the planning, measurement and reporting of an organisation's human capital. HRM Consulting was founded in 1982 and is based in Brisbane, Australia.
Peter has over 30 years of HR experience as a practitioner, academic and consultant - his main areas of expertise are in HR measurement, benchmarking, workforce planning, HR strategy and HR reporting.
For the past 12 yeas HRM Consulting has been conducting the InfoHRM HR benchmarking programme among Australian and New Zealand companies. In 2001 HRM Consulting formed a partnership with Washington DC-based Corporate Leadership Council to implement InfoHRM on a global basis. Currently, InfoHRM has over 180 members from 14 countries who collectively employ over two million employees.
Peter is a Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute and was the 2003 Outstanding Alumni winner for the Faculty of Business at the Queensland University of Technology.

      Mark Huston has been helping organisations overcome business issues with internet based technology solutions for over 10 years. Marks experience ranges from e-CRM and e-Commerce solutions, through to multimedia and e-Learning solutions. For the last 2 years Mark has been assisting some of NZ's top companies better understand and manage their performance through the strategic implementation of business intelligence software. These solutions include budgeting and planning, scorecarding and reporting and analysis.

    Dr Robin Mann is the Director of the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research at Massey University. The Centre was founded in 2002 to integrate together the various initiatives that Robin has started in New Zealand. These include the New Zealand Benchmarking Club (formed in May 2000) and the Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Resource, www.BPIR.com, (launched in April 2002). Prior to arriving in New Zealand in November 1998, Robin was the founder and manager of the Food and Drinks Industry Benchmarking and Self-assessment Initiative in the UK, and previous to this he worked as the Process Improvement Manager in a large food manufacturing company where he implemented their SPC systems. Robin obtained his PhD at Liverpool University in 1992. It was one of the first PhD’s worldwide on Total Quality Management.

    Rod Oram has more than 25 years' experience as an international financial journalist. He has worked in Europe and North America for leading publications such as the Financial Times of London and traveled extensively on those continents and in Asia.
Rod and his family emigrated from the UK to New Zealand in 1997. He is currently Contributing Editor at Unlimited, a New Zealand monthly magazine devoted to the development of the new economy; a columnist for the Sunday Star-Times; and a regular broadcaster on radio and television. He was Editor of the Business Herald section of the New Zealand Herald, 1997-2000.
Rod is an adjunct professor in the New Zealand Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Unitec and he has contributed to several recent regional economic development projects. He was columnist of the year (business and finance) in the 2000 Qantas Awards and 2001 Westpac Trust Awards.

      Max Saunders is a doctoral candidate in organizational performance at Massey University, New Zealand, and facilitator of the strategic management workgroup of the New Zealand Benchmarking Club. Until 2001 he was senior lecturer and science manager, Faculty of Science and Technology, Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand, where he was a member of the Academic Board and chaired the Faculty Quality Assurance Group.

      Martin Searle joined Standards Australia International (SAI) in 1997 as the Human Resources director, before being appointed in 2003 as General Manager of Professional Services through its Business Excellence Australia division that manages and administers the Australian Business Excellence Awards programme. Martin is also a director of the International Auditor and Training Certification Association. Martin has held senior positions in business education, systems implementation, and corporate planning for Telstra and the Roads and Traffic Authority (NSW). He also has consulting experience in human resources strategic planning, benchmarking and best practice management reporting.


Mike Vallance is the General Manager Organisational Development with Corrections Victoria in the Department of Justice, Victoria, Australia. Corrections Victoria was formed in July 2003 through the merger of CORE - the Public Correctional Enterprise and the Office of the Correctional Services Commissioner. Mike was recruited by CORE in 1998 specifically to drive their pursuit of best practices through the application of business excellence principles. For the last 3 years, prior to the formation of Corrections Victoria, he has been a member of CORE's executive Leadership Team.
Primary responsibilities of his role embrace the organisational development function which covers the areas of business excellence, continuous improvement, strategic planning, quality assurance, corporate communications, knowledge management and innovation.
In 2003 through its third submission to the Australian Business Excellence Awards, CORE was the winner of a Silver Business Excellence Award. It became the first agency within the Victorian public sector to attain award status. Additionally, it is the first correctional jurisdiction anywhere in the world in the history of business excellence awards programs to achieve an Award.
Prior to joining CORE Mike worked in a business excellence related role with the Australian Sports Drug Agency which was successful in gaining progress-level recognition in the 1998 Australian Business Excellence Awards. Before that, Mike was a Client Manager with the Australian Quality Council and even earlier was the Quality Manager with the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority.
Mike is an Evaluator and Team Leader in the Australian Business Excellence Awards program and also has experience as an Evaluator in Fiji.

    Mike Watson is the chief executive officer of the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation.
Previously Group Strategic Development manager for the Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Group, Mikes career has spanned over 20 years during which time he has consulted internally and externally on Strategic & Operational Planning, Business Excellence, Performance Management, Customer Relationship Management and Project Management.
Mike is an experienced national evaluator and team leader, with extensive experience in implementing the Business Excellence framework within New Zealand Organisations. Mike has previously been National Adviser to the Foundation on the Evaluation and awards processes.
Mike has a Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Management, a Diploma in Business Excellence and a Diploma in Financial Services. Mike is a Fellow of the NZ Institute of Management and a Senior Associate of the Australian & NZ Institute of Insurance and Finance.

    British born, Steve Welch has lived and worked in the UK, Cyprus, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and now NZ. After serving in the RAF as a maintenance engineer and aircrew, Steve owned and ran a contract production personnel company before working his way around the world in diverse contract positions including Designer, Draughtsperson, Planning Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Training Coordinator, Commissioning Engineer, Production Manager, and Project Manager. The Industries involved include Aerospace, Mining, Structural steel, Oil & Gas, Telecomm, Ship building, and IT. Steve came to NZ in 2000 to study an MSc while leading the development of a Massey University web-based project called the Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Resource (BPIR). Never one to waste available time (!), while in this BPIR role Steve also spent time as a Business Excellence Evaluator for the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation and has facilitated a twelve-month benchmarking project into performance measurement for the New Zealand Benchmarking Club. Steve’s current role is Director of the BPIR.com at Massey University.

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