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TRADE participants from Kuwait Oil Company with Gulf Lead Consultant’s staff and Dr Robin Mann, Kuwait, 21-22 February.
Signing of an Agreement of Cooperation between the Global Benchmarking Network, represented by Dr Robin Mann, and the Bahrain Quality Society, represented by Dr Khalid and other board members, 1 March 2010.
Dr Robin Mann talks to senior leaders of the Abu Dhabi Municipality. Mohamed I. Al Sabbagh, Head of Research and Studies (with glasses) invited Robin to the Municipality, 3 March 2010.
Dr Robin Mann with Jorge Roman, COER’s TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking partner for South America, relaxing after a week of successful events with Chile Calidad, Universad del Chile, and Universad del Deserrallo, Santiago, Chile, 26 March 2010.
Dr Robin Mann visiting Lynda Delavina, Dean of UTSA Business College, with Anastacio Bueno, from’s partner organisation in the US, San Antonio, Texas, US, 30 March 2010.
Dr Robin Mann with Chuck Aubrey, Anderson Pharmaceuticals and Chairman of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization at his home in Lake Michigan with his Mother-in-Law, Murial, and vintage car, United States, 3 April 2010.
Sharing a good joke at TRADE training, London, 21-22 April 2010.
TRADE benchmarking participants, London, 21-22 April 2010.
Judging of Castrol Oil’s presentation. 16 companies presented up to 3 best practices at the BestPrax Conclave, Mumbai, India, 28 April 2010.
BestPrax Conclave organised by Suresh Lulla, BestPrax Club, with Bruce Searles, Benchmarking Partnerships and Dr Robin Mann, Mumbai, India, 28 April 2010.
Participants at the BestPrax Conclave. It was a big success with over 40 best practices shared. The best ones were selected to present at the GBN Roadshow, Mumbai, India, 28 April 2010.
National Benchmarking Conference in Fiji. Dr Robin Mann and Bruce Searles, Benchmarking Partnerships, were two of the keynote presenters. Suva, Fiji, 7 May 2010.
Public Workshop on TRADE benchmarking. 76 attendees. Suva, Fiji, 10-11 May 2010.
TRADE best practice benchmarking workshop certificate holders, Kuwait, 18 May 2010.
Dr Tariq A. Aldowaisan of Gulf Lead Consultants introducing the TRADE best practice benchmarking workshop, Kuwait, 18 May 2010.
Jürgen P. Wagner, PhD Candidate, COER, won the Harry Boer Highly Commended Student Paper Award at the International EurOMA conference for his paper Beyond Universalism: Continuous improvement in its socio-cultural context, June 2010.
Grant Regan, PhD Candidate, COER, sharing ideas with Mohamed Al Sabbagh, Abu Dhabi Municipality, June 2010.
Public Workshop on TRADE benchmarking organised by ADICOE – Abu Dhabi , 8-9 June 2010.
Best Practice award winners Hindustan Zinc with the GBN speakers and BestPrax Club representatives. Other award winners were Birla White, Tata Power, Eureka Forbes, Aditya Birla, Castrol, and Yes Bank. Mumbai, India, 16/17 June 2010.
Judging the best practice award winners at the GBN Roadshow, Mumbai, India, 16/17 June 2010.
Dr Bob Camp, giving the keynote address at the GBN Roadshow, Mumbai, India. 16/17 June 2010.
Musli Mohammad, PhD Candidate, COER, at the International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering where he presented a paper on “The right improvement initiative for the right situation” Japan, July 2010.
Dr Robin Mann and Dr James Harrington on a lecturing tour of China to Nanchang, Wuhan and Shanghai with the support of Xiaofen Tang, President of the Shanghai Association of Quality, Shanghai, 10 September 2010.
Dr Robin Mann and Xiaofen Tang relaxing with Dr James Harrington, Shanghai, 11 September 2010.
Shanghai Association of Quality staff and Dr Robin Mann all following their leader Dr James Harrington! Shanghai, 11 September 2010.
Attendees of the Annual General Meeting of the Global Benchmarking Network (unfortunately some attendees are out of shot!) representing over 20 countries, Kuwait, 3/4 December 2010.
A lively discussion at the Annual General Meeting of the Global Benchmarking Network, Kuwait, 3/4 December 2010.
Dr Robin Mann, Jorge Roman, Business Excellence Chile, and Basma Bargal, Gulf Lead Consultants, taking a break from the GBN conference at Kuwait’s Twin Towers, Kuwait, 5 December 2010.
Duha Ramadan, Kuwait University – winner of the GBN’s Best Paper Award for Benchmarking for Corporate Social Responsibility with Jorge Roman, Business Excellence Chile, Kuwait, 5/6 December 2010.
GBN members leading a panel discussion – Terry Pilcher, BCS Management Services UK, Dr Wafi Dawood, Dubai Quality Group, and Dr Holgar Kohl, IPK Fraunhofer, Germany joined by the winner of the best paper award Duha Ramadan, Kuwait University, Kuwait, 5/6 December 2010.
Speakers and participants at the Global Benchmarking Conference, Kuwait, 5-6 December, 2010.
Dr Tariq A. Aldowaisan of Gulf Lead Consultants giving the opening presentation at the GBN Conference, Kuwait, 5 December 2010.

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