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The Club’s core process is designed to provide accurate and relevant information to members to enable them to undertake targeted and integrated improvement action. This progress, which is cyclical, comprises a self-assessment followed by benchmarking studies.

All Club members complete the Benchmarking and Performance Excellence Self-Assessment (BPES) each September/October. The members responses are forwarded to COER who calculates individual members scores and conducts analysis on the collective data. Feedback reports are provided to members in mid-November, and members share their knowledge at the Results Sharing Meeting at the end of November.

Members receive training from COER in completing the BPES, and have the further option of purchasing COER facilitation of their self-assessment.

Benchmarking studies, which take around 9 to 12 months each, are undertaken in each of the CPE enabling categories (ie. Leadership, Strategic Planning etc.) To spread the workload, the Club only starts three studies per year. Club members decide on the specific study topic at Core Meetings, which are designed to identify the one topic which has the greatest potential for advancement for all Club members.

Members participate in Work Groups (benchmarking projects) which are facilitated by PhD students from COER. The product from the Work Groups – Best Practice Reports – are made available to all members and are offered for sale to the public.

CPE Category Project Aim
Leadership To assist members achieve sustainable best practice leadership capability
Strategic Planning To determine best practice in deploying strategies
Customer Focus To determine how best practice companies work towards a customer focused culture
Measurement, Analysis & Knowledge Management To determine how best practice organisations decide which performance measures to use
Human Resources To identify best practice in recognising & rewarding innovation
Process Management To identify how best practice organisations create and sustain an environment in which projects can best fulfil their objectives

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