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Whether it is for further success or simple survival, any organisation needs to constantly improve its performance. But how? For many NZ organisations, any method that achieves such constant improvement needs to be not only effective but also practical, easy to use, and affordable. In 2000, to answer this question, Dr Robin Mann at Massey University designed the first self-assessment pack with the support of the New Zealand Benchmarking Club members and the NZ business Excellence Foundation. The design of this tool, Benchmarking and Performance Excellence Self-Assessment (BPES) is based on the Criteria for Performance Excellence (CPE, otherwise known as the Malcom Baldrige Model), an internationally recognised and proven effective methodology for assessing organisational performance. To reflect the successful management practice identified in high performing organisations, the CPE is annually updated by the US Department of Commerce – the government department responsible for the acclaimed US Baldrige National Program and the Award. Accordingly, the BPES is also updated every year to correspond to the annual review of the CPE, and to be of specific help to NZ organisations.

The BPES is designed for use by all organisations whatever their size, structure or industry type. To prove its versatility and effectiveness, members of the NZ Benchmarking Club, currently consisting of 18 prominent NZ organisations, has been using this self-assessment on an annual basis as a key tool for diagnosing its own state of operation and identifying improvement opportunities, to a considerable success.


The BPES will enable to your organisation to rapidly:
bullet point Establish the health of your organisation
bullet point Benchmark your organisation’s performance against organisations from around the world
bullet point Help you to determine the actions required that will have most impact on improving your organisation’s performance

BPES reflects the belief that where no certificates or prizes are involved, correctly structured self-assessment will provide an accurate and honest view of your organisation – without the need for outside support or verification.

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If your organisation is interested in BPES, please contact
Neil Bleasdale
Phone: +64 6 350 5799 ext. 7627